Swedish Massage
With the goal of relaxing the entire body in mind, this treatment centers around rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes that direct the blood back toward the heart. This increases the level of oxygen in the blood which allows for better organ and brain function. Swedish massage also decreases muscle toxins which allows better flexibility and eases tension in the muscles.

Rossiter Pain and Stress Relief
This treatment uses techniques that addresses structural pain and the restriction of movement in the ligaments and connective tissue of the body. It has been known to treat lower back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain and many other areas. By pinning and stretching parts of the body the connective tissue is able to be restored effectively to its natural state.

Pre and Post Pregnancy Massage
A technique for mothers to be and those that recently have become, this style of massage soothes and relieves the nerves and strained back and leg muscles of the pregnant (or recently so) body. Patients see special benefits in the second and third trimester when the strain on the lower back is at its most intense. Your therapist is trained to make sure the body gets the cushioning it needs and uses pillows and bolstering techniques to allow the massage to be safe and effective for any expectant mother seeking relief.

Reflexology involves putting pressure on the hands and feet of the patient, thereby producing changes and adding benefits to other parts of the body. This technique allows the massage therapist to remove energy blockages and promote health all throughout the patient’s system. Benefits of reflexology include relief of pain and stress, restored balance to the nervous system, and the release of endorphins.

A soft-touch technique that is known to enhance the function of the cranial-sacral system. This system, made up of membranes and cerebrospinal fluids, can help improve the functioning of the central nervous system. This technique can complement the body’s natural ability to heal and can be effective for a wide array of ailments.

Deep Tissue
This massage technique is often used to treat musculoskeletal ailments like strains or other sports related injuries. By applying sustained, slow pressure, deep strokes target the very inner layers of the body’s muscle and connective tissue therefore reducing tension and inflammation and increasing blood flow.